Can I have a motorcycle when I get old enough? 31.5 in 29. Your oil pressure switch could also go bad, causing the oil light to stay on, even when the oil pump is properly pumping oil to the engine. The D8EA is the one you want if the bike is stock. View and Download Honda CB750 owner's manual online. The plug is definitely a non-starter. Fuel Capacity Fuel Reserve Capacity Caster Angle Trail Length Front Fork Oil Capacity Cylinder Arrangement Bore and Stroke Displacement Compression Ratio Carburetor, Venturi Dia Valve Train Maximum Horsepower Maximum Torque Oil Capacity Oil Tank Capacity Lubrication System Air Filtration GENERAL INFORMATION English in 45.5 in. Starting the Engine. You can put it anywhere you want on the bike as long as you use good lines and the tank is design properly and has sufficient capacity. Oil Capacity Oil Tank Capacity Lubrication System Air Filtration GENERAL INFORMATION English in 45.5 in. Viscosity. During the riding season check the warm oil after a ride for a more accurate level reading. Support the site. Please help so I can get this bike on the road. So I downloaded the manual and shows it does call for a D8ES. The plug I bet not. 517.3 lb. Keep in mind these 750's will leak oil from the oil tank back into the crankcase when they sit a while. Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. Then set it upright and checking it again. 4 Month Motorcycle Trip Photo in progress. I plan on draining a little out today and then letting it run for a few minutes. oil tank pukes ?? Post Mar 13, 2011 #1 2011-03-13T13:19. Largest I have seen on even the 1400cc Kawi is 3700cc's. 73 cb750 oil capacity. 8. Honda Tech - Racer. The second problem is "wet sumping". Please tell me yes. So what do I run and how much oil??? I will be having a few more different styles of oil tanks for the 69-78 Honda 750-4 so keep checking back to my parts page for more cool tanks. Engine Oil Recommendation. Support the site. 15 posts 1; 2; Next ; oil tank pukes ?? Oil Tank. Oil Capacity: 3.7 US qt, 3.1 Imp., Quote from: OldSchool_IsCool on April 09, 2011, 05:24:03 am, Quote from: jpmire11 on April 08, 2011, 06:03:44 pm, Quote from: MCRider on April 09, 2011, 06:42:27 am, I have not failed. 30. Hello I am new to site and my new bike pukes oil out the reserve tank air vent tube ??? Combined with overfilling the oil, could this make my bike smoke? When doing an oil change i would recommend to add about half a quart less than the manual specs. Most of the cafe bikes have the tank relocated to the rear tail section. Pre-Riding Inspection. Run your bike for a couple minutes, let it cool, check the oil, add as needed, run the bike and add more if needed. Both say total oil capacity is 3 quarts, no mention of filter change or no. Honda CB750 Owners Workshop Manual 30 pages. 8. grayt1964. 29. lb. grayt1964. Also new to the front end this year are dual-disc brakes, a much-appreciated addition. 5.5 in. You can not delete the oil tank on the sohc 750. '73 CB750... How much oil and what plug??? The engine does not "know" how much oil is in the tank. Overfilling the oil yes that could cause the smoke. Your contributions keep this site running. Thread starter galaxian; Start date Jun 3, 2010; G. galaxian Active Member. 57.3 in. I am currently running a D8EA plug. No,1.6 ends up in engine,you will add .7 but level in tank will adjust down .9,so 1.6 in engine,did you know CB750 oil pump designed to pump 30 qts per minute @ max RPMs?,Bill. That one is the cat. One quart or 3, all it cares about is that there is enough oil in the tank to feed the draw from the oil pump. This has a great Oil cap and I am sure that you will be pleased at the look of this oil tank, it holds just under 4 quarts and is for the SOHC HONDA FOUR. Re: '73 CB750... How much oil and what plug??? If I were to build a tank, I would lean towards more capacity not less. D8EA is the same plug as the D8ES. ... Honda Nighthawk CB 750 1991 Service Manual 199 pages. Today's Lesson: One good turn deserves another. No contribution to smoking. Spec book says 2.1 qt or 67 oz in oil tank ,they will hold dead on 3 as MC said,and 1.6 qts or 51oz in engine.Honda Motorcycle Service Specifications for all 1959-1980 (US models,the little red book),Bill. 30. Today's Lesson: One good turn deserves another. Download the Honda Service manual that is on this site, it gives you all the oil capacities as well at the oil change procedure. Honda CB750 Motorcycle Owner's manual. Both say on a change to drain tank and engine, put 3 qts in the tank, run for 2 min, top up if necessary. Login with username, password and session length. Its easier to add oil than remove it. I think this is why my bike is smoking blue because I might be running the wrong plug and under filling it!


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