Just wonder if the batter was spread thin on the metal plate thus increasing the sticking area (and not sure if the metal plate may accelerate the lost of moisture when heated — the dough should come out moist as pictured). Add mochi rice, chicken broth, and crumbled bouillon. Do you oil the container first before steaming? Repeat until all the mochi … Or, Chee Ba 糍耙 or Muah Chee 麻糬 in other regions in China? Haven’t eaten mochi for a long time. This looks really interesting! I know some would moist the leftover steamed dough a bit, covering with film, and reheat it (without coating of the sesame seeds) in a microwave oven. And it is better to turn out the steamed dough while it is still warm. This recipe is definitely a keeper for me. DIRECTIONS. Line bottom of rice cooker with rice. 269. @Connie, Yummy & quick party dessert in just 30min! Mua Chee is the Chinese version of ‘mochi’. But you may consider other ground nuts for variations, like cashew nuts. Thank you very much for sharing. Alternatively, if you prepared it inside a bag, cut off a 1/4" corner, and squeeze from the bag. I love muah chee and I always seen this in the market. Get detailed nutrition information, including item-by-item nutrition insights, so you can see where the calories, carbs, fat, sodium and more come from. Healthy and delicious. very interessting read! I used to eat this at my grandmom’s place on the first day of Chinese New Year! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Hi ! . I twisted the recipe, replacing the ground white sesame seeds by black. Glad that you find this interesting. Heat a pan over low to medium flame, without any oil (this what we called ‘white wok’), put in sesame seeds. Plus, black sesame seeds are particularly good for women! Coating the cooked dough reduce its surface stickiness. @Ana C. @Christine, Hi, this web browser has Javascript disabled. Mochi dough It means you shall smell the nutty flavor of sesame seeds when the sesame seeds are toasted enough (here I do it in a pan over heat). The traditional Chinese mochi is supposed to look brownish yellow than black. Keep stirring them by a turner. Sesame seeds tastes better when toasted. I haven’t see this on street for ages : (, but it shall not disappear in my kitchen : ). Then use a light greased scissor to cut the dough into portions and coat each of them (the mochi) with enough sugary sesame powder. I love these treats and crave for trying out your twisted recipe… But do you know if there a way to reheat the mochis (because it’s neither easy to make just a small amount of them nor to eat alone two servings at once : sadly my fiancé is very skeptical about chinese cuisine…) ? You are welcome! With the right consistency, the batter should be able to level itself in the bowl with a smooth surface. Of course, you may try oiling your container. It might be a bit sticky to turn out the dough but should not be impossible. As you might aware, I have toasted quite a large batch of black sesame seeds. Thanks for sharing, you ALWAYS manage to bring me back so many happy memories of HK . Thank you for sharing. View line-by-line Nutrition Insights™: Discover which ingredients contribute the calories/sodium/etc. Hi! - roll out the dough & fill in mango / sesame filling, form the @Lucy L, Toasting sesame, black sesame seeds in particular, takes time and requires good attention. Note: Ad Partners: SheKnows Media - Lifestyle - See Full Partners List>. White or black sesame seeds, they both are considered as healthy foods, which are amongst the seeds rich in vitamins B and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. Will try again. How could we tell a black thing is browned but not burnt? I love the idea of using black sesame seeds for coating. Thanks so much for posting all these authentic recipes! Lower heat and cook for another minute to make sure all are cooked through.


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