In large tech companies, the CTO is an executive who is generally in charge of improving the technical foundation of the company. They influence a more significant number of people and might be involved with multiple projects and teams. He or she might spend 80% of the time as an individual contributor on software projects (i.e., coding), and 20% of their time on people management and leadership activities. For example, someone who is vocal, a quick thinker, or an influencer. If there is no CTO, then the CIO may take the responsibilities of the CTO. CIOs work on setting strategy and direction to enhance the company’s internal infrastructure and technical operations. In some organizations, especially startups, a director can be a very technical hands-on engineer with little executive function. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! However, some patterns can be found replicated in most software companies. The CIO is an operation-oriented executive who is internally facing and focused on improving the bottom line. Typically, technical leads do not have direct reports or management responsibilities. In some organizations, becoming a “lead” is a rite of passage for software engineers who want to explore becoming managers but are not ready to fully commit to it; sort of a training ground for new management. Ladders is the #1 job search site for $100K jobs hiring now. Quality Assurance Automation Test Engineers, The No.1 sign you’re in a bad place in your job search, Skills on your resume you need to highlight for 2021, 7 hot spots where jobs and Millennial net worth are thriving, I added eggnog to my coffee every morning for a week, If you want to remain focused, start your day with this, 1 counterintuitive piece of advice that guarantees long-term happiness. New Various Engineering Management Titles jobs added daily. Browse Engineering & Construction Engineering Management job titles by title. Directors are also responsible for setting or approving policies, establishing department guidelines and managing a budget. The Vice President of Engineering is a senior executive role with a broad range of responsibilities. That includes employee software tools, internal communication, technical infrastructure, process control, access control, employee network, cost management, integration of technologies across business units, etc. Most small size companies do not have both, and larger companies are all over the place. Hope all is well! He or she typically reports to the Director or VP of Engineering. Responsibilities include high-level direction, technology choices, long-term technical and product strategy, interfacing with legal counsel on technical matters, setting policies, defining processes, establish partnerships with vendors, etc. He or she has up to ten direct reports, but preferably no more than six or seven. It is also a step toward executive positions, which I am going to describe next. In larger organizations, VPs are usually focused at a higher-level and more distant from the code. This is the real reason you are addicted to chocolate, What the Marlins GM Kim Ng means for working women everywhere. People confuse the roles of CIO and CTO, and for good reasons. With that said, we will never promote anything we don’t trust or haven’t used. Technical leads become leads through the respect, recognition, and admiration of others. A team leader is a technical lead for all projects that a particular team takes on. It is a customer facing role, focused on developing the top line. In some companies, becoming an engineering manager is sort of a career commitment one makes to a full-time management role. Engineering & Construction Engineering Management Job Titles. Their area of influence includes technical direction, implementation choices, coding styles, the establishment of best practices, and technical standards. In some cases, the CTO is a manager of VPs and Directors and is broadly responsible for the entire product development organization. It is common for a director of engineering to provide technical guidance, write code and participate in low-level discussions about the architecture and implementation of systems. In companies that do not have software at the center of their business activities and where the CIO has leading digital strategy and direction responsibilities, the CTO may report to the CIO. Like most industries, tech doesn’t have a standard for roles and titles, even in the area of engineering leadership. It can also include being responsible for identifying, leverage and integrate new technologies and drive business strategy and revenue. For more information about each job title, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. The director level is traditionally the first of a series of executive roles, but the meaning of the term “executive” varies from company to company. Will a second lockdown ruin the career prospects of working parents? More traditionally, a director is a manager of both managers and individual contributors. Filed Under: career, leadership Tagged With: career, hiring, leadership, people, roles, teams, Very informative. They might or might not be involved directly in projects with their reports. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. An engineering lead is typically a technical lead with a small number of direct reports (e.g., 2 or 3). Software Engineering Job Titles Explained, Doodle Tuesday: Roots, Fruits and Flowers, Software Maintenance, Understanding the 4 Types. If there is no CIO, then the CTO typically takes the responsibilities of the CIO as well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A technical lead is a software engineer who guides the technical vision and execution of a software project, initiative or technology. Very glad that you find my labor of love useful; it makes all the difference. In this post, I am focusing on engineering leadership roles and what they are accepted to mean. Like most software engineers, engineering leads usually prefer to be focused on one project at the time. He or she typically reports to the VP of Engineering. A director of an engineering department (i.e., Director of QAQuality Assurance, Director of Core Technology, etc.) Below is a list of some of the most common engineering job titles, as well as a description of each. Sometimes, it is a purely technical position usually reserved for a technical co-founder. Typically a VP is a manager of managers and directors; sometimes he or she is a manager of VPs. You’ll find over 35 Engineering Management jobs and the resume help, career advice, insights & tools to help you in your career search for jobs in Engineering Management. The Chief Technology Officer is a somewhat weird role and is tricky to define; it varies from company to company more than other positions. Moreover, he or she spends a significant part of their time coding (e.g., 60%) and the remaining on people management and leadership activities. Depending on the company, some of these roles are also job titles; others might correspond to one or more job titles, might not exist at all or might be implicit functions. When you look at startups, the technical founder often self-appoints himself or herself with the title of CTO but is closer to a hacker-in-chief than a corporate executive. In this post, I am focusing on engineering leadership roles and what they are accepted to mean. Someone with the title of “Director of Engineering” is often in charge of both the development and QAQuality Assurance functions. In general, the responsibilities of a CTO depends wildly on the size of the company. Learn how your comment data is processed. They also typically work on a team with their direct reports. It can include product vision and being the public face of the company’s technology. All links to Amazon products on this site are affiliate links; this means that we may receive a small commission (at no cost to you)  if you subscribe or purchase something through the links. Directors of engineering have broad responsibilities ranging from setting the direction for an engineering department, to being in charge of the entire engineering organization. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A technical lead is typically an engineer who is more experienced than his or her peers and displays leadership skills or potential. Today's top 35 Various Engineering Management Titles jobs in United States. If there is any topic that you’d like for me to tackle, please feel free to let me know. Browse Engineering & Construction Engineering Management job titles by title. As a result, they need to be able to context switch easily to follow what’s going on in their organization. Depending on the company, some of these roles are also job titles; others might correspond to one or more job titles, might not exist at all or might be implicit functions. Helps me understand what each role does. In later-stage startups, the CTO is often one of the technical founders who hired a VP of Engineering to manage the growing organization but retains the title and a position of technical influence.


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