University’s society consist of 16,000 students all over … Cultural Anthropology 6 CFU. All rights reserved. Duration: 2 years Psychiatry and Psychopathology 6 credits For more information, refer to the link below: The user can selectively disable Google Analytics by installing on his or her browser the opt-out component provided by Google. Principal clinical and psychodynamic models related to intra-psychic processes, interpersonal relationships, the onset of the psychopathology, group and institutional dynamics related especially to clinical relationship models with people, couples, families, groups and institutions; Ecological models of the well-being and of the qualitative methodologies of research-intervention; Constitution of subjectivity, self-construction and identity processes, ethical and historical awareness of the concept of inter-subjectivity; Principal diagnostic and nosographic models for the evaluation of the personality necessary to formulate a therapy recommendation; Methods and techniques of data collection such as those related to: psychodynamic and ethnographic observation, individual and group evaluation, evaluation sessions, personality test, organizational culture analysis , community profile fulfillment; Methodologies for management of a clinical evaluation with people, couples, families, groups and organizations. Chrome: Firefox: Internet Explorer: Opera: Safari:, School of Applied Sciences and Technologies, Department of Economic and Business Science, Department of Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Radiation Physics, Department of Innovation and Information Engineering, Master in Science of Public Administration, Master in Educational Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies, Master in International Hospitality and Tourism, Master in Global Marketing and International Business Relations, Master in Human Resources and Organization,,,,,,,,,, At the conclusion of the second-cycle Master’s Degree in Psychology graduates will have acquired an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the following: Methodologies for advising people, couples, parents, organizations, community, intervention support methodologies, empowerment and training methodologies with groups and communities. Guglielmo Marconi University is the first online university accredited to the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR). According to the characteristics and use of cookies we can distinguish different categories: When visiting a web site you may receive cookies from both the visited site ("owners"), or from sites run by other organizations ("third parties"). Master Universitari di Secondo Livello are official qualifications belonging to the 3rd cycle degree of the Bologna Process framework and provide graduates either with advanced scientific knowledge in a given field or with further professional education and training for better occupational opportunities. Choose from 11 intensive master programs refining exponentially individual skills in the different professional areas of interest. Human Resource Management 12 CFU Find the latest world rank for University of Guglielmo Marconi and key information for prospective students.. The Master's program has a duration of 12 months, including studies, evaluation activities and project work (lessons, seminars, workshops, evaluations, evaluations, etc.). Laboratory: Methodologies and Techniques of the Psychodynamic Session 6 credits, Second year – 60 credits ECTS - European Credit Transfer System Clinical Methodologies II  6 credits Google Analytics uses "cookies" to collect and analyze anonymous information about usage behaviors of Marconi University web sites (including your IP address). Guglielmo Marconi University TOP performer in the 2020 International U-Multirank Ranking. Disabling "third party " cookies shall not affect in any way the navigability. In some cases a deadline is fixed, in other cases the duration is unlimited. These cookies, without identifying the user, can detect if the same user returns to connect at different times. For example, in Firefox, through the menu Tools-Options-Privacy > >, you have access to a control panel where you can define whether to accept different types of cookies and proceed to their removal. Guglielmo Marconi University (USGM) - higher education institution in Italy. The course prepares the following professionals: Specialists in psychological and psychotherapeutic sciences. To disable Google Analytics, refer to the link below: • Master’s in International Business Administration • Master’s in Education Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies As of April 2015, Guglielmo Marconi University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award bachelor’s and master’s … The setting can be defined for different websites and web applications. The final examination evaluates the technical, scientific and professional preparation of the student and requires project work completion and dissertation or thesis discussion Guglielmo Marconi University. Google can also communicate this information to third parties where this is required by law or where such third indent the above information on behalf of Google. Learn more. Guglielmo Marconi University is a modern higher education institution, which aims to pursue latest innovative training models, as well as building strong connections with the organizations at the forefront of the advanced technologies. The most common use is for sharing content on social networks. MIU is an institution dedicated to innovation in new methodologies and technologies for learning and advanced research at an international level. They are cookies used to collect and analyze traffic and usage of the site anonymously. I am so grateful to my friend who suggested me to enroll at Marconi University! The Master's program has a duration of 12 months, including studies, evaluation activities and project work (lessons, seminars, workshops, evaluations, evaluations, etc.). Elective* (s) 6+6 credits Contemporary History 12 CFU ... Marconi University … Guglielmo Marconi University … In 2004 USGM opened its door to students. The management of information collected by "third parties" shall be governed by the relevant information which please refer. Credits: 120  ECTS (European Credits Transfer and Accumulation System), First year – 60 credits ECTS - European Credit Transfer System Twitter disclosure: Twitter (configuration): Linkedin disclosure: Linkedin (configuration): Google+ disclosure: Google+ (configuration):, Marconi University sites also include certain components provided by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis provided by Google, Inc.. ("Google").


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