Your email address will not be published. If planting a slope, work from top to bottom. Required fields are marked *. My heart really goes out to those impacted by the brush fires. Insert the tip of the shovel into the soil approximately 3 inches and then angle the shovel under the pachysandra to loosen it from the ground. I still need to do careful cuttings, but I may try planing a couple cuttings without rooting first and see how that goes. My weed-filled lawn is driving me crazy—I’d work harder at it but there simply is too much of it. The method of division will produce faster results, but stem cuttings root easily, so both methods are likely to result in successful propagation. Place this piece into the wheelbarrow. Checked water regularly and refilled as needed, while waiting 6?? I know in order to root a Butterfly Bush, you need to cut below the Y and make sure you keep it immersed in water until leaves form. Thanks for this. To plant, dig a trench 3 inches deep and up to 4 feet long. I ran across the root hormone method first and it seemed like a pain. I know that I’ve gotten busy and left them a couple weeks (or longer??) I heard that honey could be used in place of rooting hormone. Other places in my yard it grows pretty well but nowhere is it lush. I’ve been using it for 30 years and I can assure you it is harmless. If you have lots of pachysandra to begin with like I do, after trimming it back to widen several hundred feet of paths each spring, then not much fussiness is need to fill in new areas with it….I’m talking rough cuttings, big and little, pachysandra leaves and twigs, etc. For instance, where you cut it. No need for rooting powder. Prepare planting sites before you divide pachysandra. Slide a sharp shovel about 3 inches under the clump to divide the roots. In a couple years I hope (sigh)…. Dip the cut end of the cuttings in rooting hormone, and plant them with the leaves above the soil, tamping the soil down around the cutting. Pachysandra is easy to propagate from stem cuttings in late spring, or by division in early spring or fall. Cut several sturdy 3- to 6-inch stems from a healthy pachysandra with sharp pruning shears. Hope a cheese spread container will work as well . Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, Kentucky Garden Flowers: Pachysandra terminalis - Japanese Pachysandra, Ohio State University: Pachysandra terminalis. Wow–I am envious! Perhaps there is something else that might work in your climate? Is yours possibly getting too much sun? Trees are going dormant. GREAT job Inger!!! You mentioned “slightly shady”–do you see any evidence of “sun burn”? Thanks Walter! Watered and encased in plastic tent, then waited … If I plant 20 a year later I will have 5-8 left. Growing Pachysandra Instructions (Methodology). Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! And then I read the label…. All Rights Reserved. Pachysandra is a low-growing ground cover that develops a carpet of waxy green leaves within about three years after planting. But I’d already spent the money and I was not going to throw it out. We used to root cuttings all the time as poor college students. Farmers may not grow enough hay for their farm animals. They didn’t die but two years later, we are still waiting for that lush profusion part. Dispose of as hazardous waste?! Thanks for commenting! Very interesting article. Certainly something to think about for future gardening projects – thank you ! I have a small garden patch with Hosta and vinca, also I have been trying to grow Pachysandra. Locate a clump on the outer edge of am established pachysandra plant. And since I refuse to use pesticides,  some of the grass has got to go. Once pachysandra is divided, it should be planted as possible so the roots won't dry out. 2. Cover the planting container with clear plastic, but don't let the plastic come in contact with the stem cuttings. Pachysandra is a low-maintenance evergreen that will beautify the landscape all year round, and is especially beneficial because it will grow in very dense shade, as long as the soil has good drainage. I am growing pachysandra from cuttings. I’ve never used root hormone in my life and I’ve been pretty successful with “making babies” from plants. Seems like some plants might truly need that “extra push” so I may have to look deeper in the future if I ever propagate more challenging plants. Use gloves when handling. But, that’s a complaint for another day, lol…Thanks for sharing and Good Luck!!! Fill a planting container with a mixture of equal parts potting soil and perlite or vermiculite. Make sure each stem has at least two leaves. A few years later but thanks for this. All my neighbors can grow this without effort. Cheese spread container, old soup can, whatever! Plant 10 to 30 cuttings together in one area at any one time and then water them together by flooding the area. Should you cut off many of the leaves for faster root growth ????????


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