Locate the center of the seat edge, and place a staple in the center of the edge to secure the fabric. If you look at the pictures, I took the wood slat rails off then cut the wood to fit inside, upholstered it and then nailed the all the rails back on. Hi Marty, Great save for now and the total coast was only $48. I have an old child’s chair (70+ years) that had seat woven with paper rope. Allow 1/8 inch of space at each corner so the newly upholstered cushion will fit close to but not over the tops of the legs. Then continue around each side in the same manner, making sure you do each side a little at a time, this will keep the fabric tight and smooth. Cut a sheet of foam padding 2 inches wider and longer than the padded seat form. Looks fabulous. Use your template to cut a seat base out of 1/2-inch plywood and to cut 1- to 2-inch upholstery foam to fit the base. Next I covered the plywood with 2 inches of foam cut to the outline of the plywood, then covered the foam with batting and a piece of an old white sheet. On the first wrap go over the front rail. Janet Beal has written for various websites, covering a variety of topics, including gardening, home, child development and cultural issues. Drill two evenly spaced screw holes on each of the seat rails, making sure you drill into the plywood but not into the cushion. It seems like the cut board would “sit” on the side rails and not touch the front and rear rails. Most often, you’ll use a screwdriver to detach the seat, but sometimes, you might need pliers, a hammer, or even something like an X-ACTO knife to start prying it loose. Apr 30, 2014 - How to Replace a Rush Seat with a Cushioned Seat. Now I have all 6 of my chairs to use around the table. After studying how they are made, I see that these small strips of wood around the rush are just tacked on. I have to cut part of the strips to get them to unravel. Lay the seat pattern on the 2-inch foam, and cut out a piece of foam 1/8 of an inch larger than the plywood on all sides. I love my dining set, a gorgeous table… May 20, 2016 - Have the rush seats in your chairs started to fall apart? I know that my fabric was 45 inches wide. The Easiest Way to Upholster a Wood Bench, How to Make Window Seat Cushions Without Sewing, This Old House: How to Upholster a Dining Chair. I appreciate all the work that goes into a project like this because I have reupholstered armchairs, Parsons chairs and sewn many cushion covers! Your email address will not be published. Because we still have said cat, I did not want to redo the rush:) I contacted a local re-upholsterer who quoted me £75 for each chair and then the additional price of the fabric chosen. A yard is 36 inches so I must have bought two yards because I still have a small piece. This was my first really nice furniture, and it is still a favorite. Simple wood chairs are a treasure because their looks can be adapted to so many styles of decor. I love my dining set, a gorgeous table with 6 chair and 4 leaves so it can extend to seat 12. Replacing a rush seat with an upholstered cushion seat is easy, even for beginning DIY decorators. This might look a little different just depending on what kind of a chair you’re working with and how it was originally assembled. To start, put the staple in the center of each side, pulling the fabric and batting tight … However, when I look at my chair frame, the front and back sit slightly lower than the two sides and they are round, dowel like, not flat like your chairs. Discard the rush. How To Create An Old World Aged Painting Technique. Staple the upholstery in the center of each of the 4 sides of the seat. What an excellent transformation and tutorial! How much fabric did you use per chair? Has to be replace. If the wicker is weak, then your foam will just push through it. It can be difficult to handle and fit. Her work has appeared on early childhood education and consumer education websites. When everything is done and nice and tight, check your fabric, make sure the pattern is perfect, then do small pleats for the corners, making sure the fabric is smooth and tight and staple well. Trim your cardboard pattern so you can lay it flat on top of the chair seat rails, letting the tops of the legs protrude. Your email address will not be published. I’m looking forward to doing it right this time: plywood, new foam, upholstery batting, and upholstery fabric. Next I covered the plywood with 2 inches of foam cut to the outline of the plywood, then covered the foam with batting and a piece of an old white sheet. Trim away excess foam with scissors. Wrap the fabric over the cushion, lining up the centering nicks by eye. Your captains chairs look marvelous. Pulling the fabric firm, staple it to the plywood. Have the rush seats in your chairs started to fall apart? Then the next two sides and etc. This anchors the foam while you gather and staple down the material at each corner. The leaves have full aprons too, so it is glorious even when you use all of them. One way to do this is to lay the cardboard on the edge of a flat work surface, and then turn the chair upside down and lay the seat on the cardboard. I have a question about the fitting the seat. I don’t want to staple the new seat cover to this frame, so I stained it to match the rest of the chair. I really like having these chairs with upholstered seats, it brings more light and pattern to this end of the room. With those carefully taken off, I moved the chair outside to remove all the rush. To start, put the staple in the center of each side, pulling the fabric and batting tight over the foam. I worry that it would wobble. Now I want to be able to put a new seat on these chairs but still leave them so I can have the rush replaced if I choose to in the future. The side chairs are all still in perfect condition, so I have been on a mission to figure out how to save the captains chairs and not have to pay that huge price and to be able to use them now, not someday. 1. However the rush was damaged by her cats. Hi, I'm Marty. I just measured my chair seat from front to back and around to the bottom and mine measures 28 inches. Your side rails are higher than your front and rear rails. Like yours, side rails higher than rear and front. 2. How to Re-upholster a car seat www.johnhuntupholstery.co.uk $125 to $150 a chair and it would take her a while to get to me. This will help you line up the fabric for stapling over the cushioning and is especially important if you are using a fabric with stripes or other linear patterns.


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