Founded Conserve Energy Future with the sole motto of providing helpful information related to our rapidly depleting environment. Almost 20% of the world’s electricity is produced by hydroelectric power. These areas near the dam are full of water, and the plants underneath the water begin to rot and decompose. The lake’s water can also be used for irrigation purposes. As you may expect, hydroelectric power is one of the “green” and “clean” alternative energy sources that are out there. Security adds up the overall cost of constructing a hydropower plant. It is a great renewable energy source because water is usually very abundant, but it comes with some environmental drawbacks. The sun shines and the water evaporates from the earth’s surface, forms clouds and then falls back on to the earth in the form of rain and snow. Contributes to the Development of Remote Communities, What is Hydroelectric Power and Types of Hydropower Turbines, 6. Copyright © 2012 - 2020 - Before choosing locations for hydropower plants, the potential environmental effects should be carefully considered to make sure that the plant can be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Wave energy pros and cons list covering the most important benefits and issues of technologies that harness wave energy. Hydroelectric power simply means the generation of power from falling or streaming water. It is a great renewable energy source because water is usually very abundant, but it comes with some environmental drawbacks. Fossil fuel-based energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas are deeply affected by market volatility, which drives up or considerably lower their prices. Are there any disadvantages? Hydroelectric power plants may influence fish and the way that they move and migrate, but this is a complicated process to research and it is hard to make a determination based on that one factor. In the long run, the livelihood of people living in those areas might be destroyed. (And How To Keep Them Away). The information on our website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal, financial or electrical engineering advice. This means development models in the present day that addresses individuals’ needs without affecting the capability of coming generations for tackling their own needs. Hydroelectric power plants have the capacity to store vast quantities of water for irrigation when rainfall disappears and for consumption when there is a shortage. If energy demand is low, water can be averted from the turbines and less energy will be produced. Hydroelectricity, which is created by hydropower, is a popular form of renewable energy that uses the flow of water to generate electricity. Image source: Government Europa. The ability to store water is advantageous since it shields water tables from exhaustion and minimizes our susceptibility to droughts and floods. The hydroelectric plants emit fewer greenhouse gasses than fossil based power sources, which helps mitigate climate change, acid rains, and smog. Hydroelectric power also improves the air quality we breathe because they don’t emit air pollutants. You see water vaporizes into clouds and recycles back to the surface of the earth as precipitation. Accessibility of water can be significantly impacted by dry spells leading to individuals not accessing the electricity they need. The shaft was connected to a standby generator that produced electricity when rotated. Even though hydroelectric power plants comes with many benefits to the end-user, variables exist that can hold back their development. Hydroelectric power plants are not a special case to this. Image source: USGS. Hydroelectric power is among these energy technologies. This kind of decomposition without oxygen involvement gives off vast amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, which leads to an increase in pollution levels. All these activities serve to uplift the economy of these remote areas, increase access to education and healthcare and enhance the overall life quality of residents. While windpower is also a very consistent form of renewable power, wind turbines will have a higher maintenance cost than hydropower plants because the turbines are larger and constantly moving, meaning they break down more easily.


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