Continuous antonyms. Continuous variables are also known as quantitative variables. For instance, "Tom is reading" can express dynamic activity: "Tom is reading a book" - i.e. It was a very rewarding use of my time as I got to see young people make constructive changes in their lives. Continuous data is considered as the opposite of discrete data. in my game players can assign productions like 'cut log to planks' I let them choose if they want 5 logs to be cut once or if they want the worker to cut log whenever less than 5 planks exist. opposite of continuous. Continuous punishment is not a term used in psychology but the term continuous is used in the type of schedule which is either fixed interval or fixed ratio Source(s): Professor of Psychology 0 0 The progressive aspect expresses the dynamic quality of actions that are in progress while the continuous aspect expresses the state of the subject that is continuing the action. Continuous antonyms. so the second variant would be 'continuous crafting' how do I call the first one. In mathematics, a continuous function is a function that does not have any abrupt changes in value, known as discontinuities.More precisely, sufficiently small changes in the input of a continuous function result in arbitrarily small changes in its output. Let’s see the definition: Continuous data is information that could be meaningfully divided into finer levels. It can be measured on a scale or continuum and can have almost any numeric value. Continuous versus progressive. Top continuous antonym (related to balanced) is uneven. Minimisation... the opposite of continuous improvement May 27, 2016 A number of years ago I used to have a voluntary role with my local Youth Offending Team. Continuous variables can be further categorized as either interval or ratio variables.. Interval variables are variables for which their central characteristic is that they can be measured along a continuum and they have a numerical value (for example, temperature measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit). Top antonyms for continuous (opposite of continuous) are discontinuous, intermittent and unsustainable. Top continuous antonyms (verbs) are break, stop and check. Continuous antonyms.


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