Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. Origin stories and rumors abound about where, when, and who this tomato came from, but a few facts are clear. This perfect paste tomato … San Marzano tomatoes, which are a type of paste tomato, are known for their bright-red or golden-yellow fruits. Comments Required. Its name comes from an Italian town near Mount Vesuvius. fruits in the true San Marzano shape. Tomatoes should be set 30-48 inches apart in a row with the rows spaced 3-4 feet apart. Create New Wish List; Description; A smaller, bright red tomato with a thick flesh. San Marzano Paste Tomato. Farmers there have been growing tomatoes similar to San Marzano for generations, selectively breeding them for paste. Rating Required. San Marzano has a special place in tomato mythology. Most of the bright red fruits are blunt … Thick-walled 4–5 oz. An old-fashioned, heirloom-type paste tomato, San Marzano plants are available in many different varieties, from the original heirloom plant to hybrids with slightly different features. Concentrated sets of paste tomatoes midseason. Good flavor and high solids for sauce or canning. It can be tempting to space tomatoes more closely at planting time, but if you plant too closely you will increase … Name Email Required. Review Subject Required.


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