Shou Sugi Ban powstało około 1700 roku w Japonii. A cursory Google search will show varying claims for the date of origin, but the focus is usually on shou sugi ban’s extraordinary longevity. FROM €59. Drewno rozbiórkowe. FROM €99. One hurdle to research is language. FROM €29. At Degmeda, we provide charred wood for almost every accent of a house. FOR INTERIOR. Caucasian Oak. Below is a step by step guide of what I did. Though Shou Sugi Ban is becoming quite popular with architects all over the world and there is quite a lot of online information about it (see for example 1, 9), I have not been able to discover the original technique, though it probably involved directing fire in a similar way to a blowtorch. Siberian Larch and Pine for Shou Sugi Ban. Płytki ze starych cegieł. Shou sugi ban charred wood originated in Japan. Shou Sugi Ban (焼杉板) or Yakisugi is an ancient Japanese woodworking tradition of preserving wood with fire. SIBERIAN PINE. The wood is burned, and this preserves the wood by making it resistant to sunlight, water, and fire. SAYAN CEDAR. FROM €49. FOR EXTERIOR. Shou Sugi Ban. Stoły ze starego drewna i metalu. SIBERIAN LARCH. Shou Sugi Ban highlights the natural color and texture of wood, makes it more weather-resistant and durable for centuries. W DREWSZOP wykorzystujemy specjalnie wyselekcjonowane drewno, które w połączeniu z nowoczesnymi aranżacjami prezentuje się oryginalnie i ponadczasowo.Stare deski ścienne. Opalane deski. Shou Sugi Ban Manufacturer & Supplier. Authentic Japanese Shou Sugi Ban. FROM €39. ANGARA PINE. Shou sugi ban is a Japanese term that means "charred cedar board." The process is specifically meant for cedar, but works on many species of wood such as cypress, ash, oak, maple, and of course pine like I used. Dzięki niesamowitym walorom estetycznym technikę Shou Sugi Ban coraz częściej można spotkać również we wnętrzach. True to its name, shou sugi ban involves charring cedar planks, then burnishing the burnt wood with wire brushes and sandpaper before sealing it with natural oil. This more moderate form of shou sugi ban creates scorched wood without turning the wood completely black. Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese technique, that dates back to the 18th century, for preserving wood. Shou sugi ban is known for resulting in a jet black color, but a less extreme method is often employed for aesthetic affect in places like America where the technique has recently spread. Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Vk. Shou Sugi Ban, czyli „spalona deska cedru” to dawna japońska metoda zabezpieczania drewna stosowana w budownictwie. English-speakers know this charred wood as shou sugi ban, but in Japan it’s called yakisugi, yakisugi-ita, or yakiita.


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